We need a new way of school teaching – part 1

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An essay about using #agility in #education and #digitalisation in #school

Why do we need a new way of school teaching?

The reason is very simple. The kids of today are taught by teachers of the 20th century in a system that dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. This system simply needs a major update or better a complete refactoring.

As Sir Ken Robinson states in his „Changing Education Paradigms“ on TED

„Education is modelled on the interests of industrialisation
and the image of it“ (6:35)

So the system dates back to somewhen between the 1st and 2nd , the teachers are mostly born somewhen during the 3rd industrial revolution. Only few of them are familiar with the definition (is there one?) or better the characteristics of the 4th industrial or „digital“ revolution.

Lets start with a retrospective…

What is good in the current system?

  • We mostly have engaged teachers
  • The young teachers might even be enthusiastic
  • The young teachers want to bring in their ideas

[do you have any positives I missed? – comment below]

What could be better?

  • Kids could be promoted more individually
  • The promotion of kids should be based on existing skills not on deficits
  • Classes could be smaller
  • Schools should provide up-to-date media as internet access, tablets, computers and train their teachers to use them
  • The curriculum could be more flexible
  • The system could not sanction failure but reward success
  • The school system should prepare the kids for what live is nowadays and not for what it is supposed to be in the minds of a few officials

[do you have any more betters? – comment below]

Trying a DoD … as a father of three.

My Kids …

  • can communicate (formally understand and produce written text)
  • have a moral and ethical compass that leads them
  • have analytical skills
  • can perform logical operations
  • question everything (asking Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?)
  • are physically able to perform standard daily tasks based on fine and gross motor skills
  • know about self-preservation and health issues

[i surely missed things – comment below]

... to be continued.


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